Rhythmedics® Tesla Jewels™

Integrate your Spiritual and Physical Energies with Tesla Jewels™

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Tesla Jewels were created to improve the integration of mind, body and spirit by the harmonious resonance of broad spectrum electromagnetic energies from light wavelengths to audible range frequencies. Tesla Jewels are powered by a standard USB port on your laptop or desktop computer, or with its included USB Mini-B power adapter. Its unique integration of scalar emitters in line with the four elemental primary colors of light pulsing at Rife and Solfeggio frequencies creates an Ultradian pattern of Scalar-Phi energies supporting new levels of integration and harmony.

Tesla Jewels™ are the non-pharmaceutical solution to Integrate Mind, Body and Spirit.

The French philosopher de Chardin explained, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Feeling disconnected is a result of our spirit or light body not being fully integrated with the physical.


When body and spirit are disengaged we don’t feeling like ourselves. Life becomes burdensome. Joy seems unattainable. And pills are not the answer. Tesla Jewels uses Solfeggio and Rife frequencies to blend the four elemental colors, imperceptibly pulsing in concert with scalar wave Bio-Pulses to reconnect our higher frequency spirit or light body with our lower frequency physical body.

Tesla Jewels was created to improve the integration of mind, body and spirit by the harmonious resonance of broad spectrum energies from near-coherent light emitting diodes and electromagnetic Bio-Pulses. Its unique integration of scalar emitters in line with the four elemental colors (Red, Yellow, Green and Blue) of light pulsing at Rife and Solfeggio frequencies creates an ultradian pattern of Scalar-Phi energies to stimulate and integrate your Light Body and physical self, creating an entirely new experience in overall wellness.

Suzy, from Arizona says, “I slept with the Tesla Jewels in my room last night and woke for the first time feeling A OK!”

Achieve total integration to reach your greatest potential


Tesla Jewels produces pure resonant frequencies to create focused Scalar Waves and Bio-Pulses. Tesla Jewels comes loaded with all eight preset programs to support higher integration of mind, body and spirit. These include Attentive Focus for more energy, Solfeggio Balancing to help keep you relaxed and productive, Body Blaster for improved wellness, Higher Consciousness to explore states of expanded awareness, Prana Yama for centering your meditations and even a sleep preset for using Tesla Jewels at night.

Karl, from Canada says, “What you are doing with your technology I find simply amazing. No wonder, when you have such a capability to blend in with the higher frequencies of light. The Tesla Jewels IS a jewel of an instrument.”

Pyramid Energies to Accelerate Integration

Bosnia Pyramid of the Sun_img_22_mn

Tesla Jewels now adds the 2nd sub-harmonic of the co-linear ultrasonic energy beam discovered being emitted from the peak of the Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia. Adding this ultrasonic frequency enhances the integration and expanded awareness capabilities of Tesla Jewels, elevating you to new heights.

Whether for yourself, or your child


Children resonate at higher and purer frequencies, resulting in greater sensitivity to harsh electromagnetic environments caused by florescent lighting and wireless devices. Autism Spectrum Disorder can occur when the spirit or light body is uncomfortable with the physical body. When our physical body is contaminated with drugs, violence, unhealthy foods and electromagnetic pollution, our spirit is offended and withdraws. Children with ASD shun physical contact and anything that stimulates the senses, because their pure spirits do not want to be contaminated by the lower physical energies. Tesla Jewels can bridge the gap.

Tesla Jewels is a compact instrument that emits all four primary colors of light and pigments (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow) coupled with NuTesla’s Bio-Pulse emitters all pulsing in Rife, Solfeggio and other specific healthy therapeutic frequencies. By blending the higher wavelengths of near coherent light emitters with lower audible range therapeutic frequencies, the Tesla Jewels bridge the higher ethereal and lower physical energies. Tesla Jewels’ elemental light frequencies oscillating at physical body resonances helps balance the child’s being while clearing his or her personal space. Scalar-PHI Zero-Point energies are emitted to bathe an entire room. Tesla Jewels can be used in any room and even as a night light. Their unique blending of energies encourages circadian based entrainment and improves focus and attention while expanding the internal connections between body and spirit. They are perfect for use in children’s rooms and play areas.

You can read about Tesla Jewels and Autism in this NuTesla document Autism – A New Technology Based Perspective


Tesla Jewels – Price: $447.00 USD
with Eight Integration, Wellness and Expanded Awareness Programs PLUS Critical Flicker Fusion

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Tesla Jewels Pyramid User Guide 5-4-1

Here is a brief video explaining what comes with your Tesla Jewels and how to initially set it up.

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Using Tesla Jewels in 3 Simple Steps

1. Plug it into its Power Adapter

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Tesla Jewels are powered by its included USB power adapter or a USB port on your computer.

2. Select your desired program


After Tesla Jewels start you can select any one of the 8 included integration programs, there’s even a sleep program for use at night.

3. Let Tesla Jewels Raise Your Frequency

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